Microsoft Wants Vista PCs to Pop

From eWeek
"Microsoft wants PC buyers to recognize a machine running its forthcoming Windows Vista operating system from afar. 

Now it’s begun sharing ideas on how to design a Vista PC as part of what it calls the Vista Industrial Design Toolkit.

The kit, which has been distributed to about 70 different companies, offers PC and peripherals manufacturers as well as product design firms a number of ideas on ways to shape PCs and related hardware to complement the operating system’s new features.

The kits, whose design ideas remain under wraps at the moment but are believed to convey ideas of simplicity and elegance, comes as Microsoft pushes to release Windows Vista in the coming months.

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Well, its kinda needed, the design asthetics coming from the PC vendors today is just not creating that connection you see in products from Apple. I remember in 2004 at WinHEC, Microsoft/Hewlett Packard showcased some innovative hardware designs with their Troy prototype PC, a year earlier another HP concept PC the Athens also displayed some exciting possibilities. I would definitely love to see some of that come to market, the Shuttles and the funky BTX cases are really not creating that enthusiastic "I gotta have that" feeling I want to see from PC vendors, and Dells latest XPS 700 systems looks like some sort of generator I would put outside my backyard.

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