Revised IE7 Naming in Windows Vista

From IEBlog
"I had mentioned a while back that we planned to call the version of IE7 in Windows Vista “Internet Explorer 7+”. Well, the feedback we got on the blog was overwhelming – many of you didn’t like it. So, as we’ve said on our website, we heard you. I’m pleased to announce that we’re switching the name back to “Internet Explorer 7”. No plus. No dot x. Just “Internet Explorer 7”.

Specifically, here are the official full names:

  • For Windows XP: “Windows Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP”
  • For Windows Vista: “Windows Internet Explorer 7 in Windows Vista”

Read the rest here

A good move that could be better. I know that Microsoft is tying Internet Explorer to the platform by adding Windows to its name especially since development for Mac was dropped with IE 5.2 for Mac. Does IE 7 need to have such a long name, geez, I know it comes with a lot of innovation such as Protected Mode, RSS, Print Layout, AntiPhishing and more, but the name is just over the top I say.

I remember in Windows 95 Internet Explorer 1.0 was just called, "The Internet", what happened?


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3 responses to “Revised IE7 Naming in Windows Vista

  1. Jamie

    Awful. Microsoft have the absolutely worst named products in the history of ever.

  2. Andre

    Tell me about it, Backup Center, Volume Shadow Copy?
    Apple – Safari, Time Machine, Spaces, Expose,

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