I hope they Fix this in XP Service Pack 3

I have a lot of windows open right now, working on a lot of stuff, this definitely means, I am not in the mood to restart my computer. Obviously Microsoft should realize this, it is my decision if I want to restart or not, now leave me alone! 

This is one of the nice things I am glad they fixed in Windows Vista, but I hope they do not limit it to Vista, it would be nice for them to update it so you can postpone to a convenient time. Its annoying! Check out Automatic Updates in Vista screenshot:


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4 responses to “I hope they Fix this in XP Service Pack 3

  1. Jamie

    I had an encounter with this travesty today.  Decided to install the updates when I got into work, and my TabletPC (haha only Microsoft employees \’use\’ these things) started to run slow. So I thought I might as well go to the canteen while it sorts itsself out. 
    Returned to my desk to find that the automatic restart had taken place after the 5 minute countdown.  Did Windows automatically save my work? Nope. My open tabs in IE7? Nope. Just felt like restarting itself.  Pissed off to say the least.  Who on earth thought it was necessary to implement this thing? whats wrong with Restart Now/Later?  And why does the Postpone button NOT work when installing these updates?
    Just awful man. It goes back to what I was saying about the small things. The attention to detail. thats what defines an OS experience to me, not necessarily the amount of features.

  2. Andre

    Jamie, it drives everyone nuts! I hate the darn thing, and if they make the postpone feature limited to Vista, Microsoft is really gonna get it this time. Sorry about losing your work, I went out on the road to pick up a few things, lucky the store is not far from my work place. I was back in time just before it was about to restart.

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