Vista speech recognition screencast: It works!

"Surprise surprise. Windows Vista speech recognition actually works. Contrary to what MSNBC criticize as a ‘wreck’, the speech recognition technology is well developed and highly usable. I got my hands on the July CTP build (5472) of Windows Vista and gave it a try, and I recorded what I found. I used the internal microphone array in my laptop, so the sound quality is not optimal but Vista handled it well."
Read rest and watch the demo here
I agree, I have been using Speech Recognition in Windows Vista since BETA 1, its a major step up, but you need to practice it to achieve good results. Learning the commands and remembering them is probably the chore of using this feature. But if its something you intend on using a lot, then it should not be much of bother. The setup wizard is a nice interactive part of getting started with Speech recognition and walks you through some of the basics, but its still not enough to use the program. The room needs to be quiet and the program it seems needs to become accustomed to your voice. Again, with practice and a good microphone, accuracy improves.

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