White Hat: Vista Gets High Marks For Security

From CRN via ActiveWin
"The Windows operating system always has been notorious for its security flaws. This has been partly because its ubiquity makes it the most widespread target for hackers and thieves, but it’s also because Microsoft’s security efforts have often been clumsy or incomplete.

But with Vista, the much-ballyhooed (and delayed) version of Windows, the company seems to finally be on the right track. Dan Kaminsky, senior researcher at DoxPara Research, says that after eight months of kicking Vista’s security tires, he’s convinced that Microsoft has learned from its mistakes."

Read the rest here

As I a previously noted, Security overshadows Vista a lot. No doubt, the improvements to security in the system are welcome, but users expect that and having it as the only selling point will not come across well. Kudos on the high marks though.  

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