WWDC: Opinion, PC users on Leopard versus Vista

"By Harry McCracken, PC World.com

How different are Microsoft and Apple’s approaches to rolling out a new operating system? Let’s compare and contrast how we’ve learned about Windows Vista and Leopard, the next generation of Mac OS X:

Microsoft: Begins talking up the new operating system years in advance. Drums up enthusiasm for features that it turns out it can’t actually implement. Deploys beta versions early and widely. (I’ve been running Windows Vista as my only OS on my primary work machine for over a year.)

Apple: Says almost nothing about its new OS until well under a year before its planned release. CEO begins keynote speech at which OS is unveiled by saying he’s keeping some of the good stuff secret. Gives betas only to developers, and only if they agree not to talk about them.

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A lot of persons since Monday have been complaining about the lack luster presentation that was the WWDC 2006 Keynote, done by Steve Jobs and friends. But at the same time the audacity of ripping off features first found in Windows. Thats the point, it was to show you that they could do a better job than what Microsoft is doing with Vista, the implementation of the comparison tools, Time Machine vs. System Restore, Previous Versions, Backup Center, Voice Over vs. Narrator, Mail’s To Do’s & iCal vs. Windows Mail & Calendar.

Security in Windows Vista wipes out most of the true benefits of the OS, I think there needs to be a definite separation between necessity and feature. I personally wouldn’t consider DVD Burning, AntiSpyware, User Access Controls to be features, just integral parts of the operating systems, the same applies to Leopard, Time Machine is a needed asset that OS X users have been begging asking for years. What both Windows and Mac users must realize in terms of feature parity, both platfroms are coming full circle.

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