Will Leopard Out-Vista Vista?

From eWeek
"When Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs the week of Aug. 7 showed features of the forthcoming OS X 10.5, code-named (and most likely also to be trade-named) Leopard, he showed no sign of lowering the strength of the reality distortion field that he’s famous for generating around his product and technology announcements.

If anything, Jobs actually turned the knob up to 11 by claiming that next spring’s general release of Leopard would steal a march on Microsoft, delivering to Apple users the equivalent of "Vista 2.0."

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I said it yesterday and I will say it again, "What both Windows and Mac users must realize in terms of feature parity, both platfroms are coming full circle." We are looking too deep into the rip off aspect of things, Apple made it clear, they are going to innovate on top of Microsoft’s ideas, that was the aim. Its not about feature rip off, just doing a better job than the other. And regardless some may say Time Machine is gimmicky, so is Flip 3D.

Yes, I have been discussing Leopard a lot this week and giving Vista a hard time, but I just feel I need to.


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