Windows Licensing: The Price of Success

"Microsoft has played a huge part in the success of the PC. Not only do many families in the US have one computer, there is a decent percentage that have more than one. Stats on this are hard to find, but according to this In-Stat report, in 2004 there were 89.3 million homes in the US with a computer. According to this vendor, over 20 million of those homes have more than one. That’s 22% of all homes in the US. While this should be regarded as a huge success for the company, when it comes to Windows Licensing, it is Microsoft’s greatest blunder."
If you purchase a new PC from Dell, you should still be able to purchase additional Vista licenses for your household at the same $44.95. That would encourage everyone to at least get off Windows XP (which is extremely insecure compared to Vista).
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Well, I agree that Microsoft needs to make the licensing of Windows much easier on consumers, a subsidized Apple style Family Pack/Office Teacher & Student for Vista definitely would make upgrading to the new OS a lot more encouraging. A lot needs to be take into consideration, most family PC’s tend to be budget PC’s that don’t have enough power to run Vista in a desirable way that would improve the user experience over XP and upgrading hardware is just an extra hassle that most families would rather skip. For instance, at my brothers house, they have two PC’s, a Dell laptop purchased recently and a generic desktop PC purchased in 2000. Guess which one qualifies as Vista ready? Also, saying Windows XP is extremely insecure sounds like a sell off to me, yes Windows 98 is extremely insecure, Windows XP RTM & SP1 are extremely insecure, but definitely not XP SP2. Regardless Vista is the latest version of Windows which in some instances designates that its secure out of the box, its still an unproven product until its deployed among the masses, so saying Vista is definitely a secure product now is being a bit too sure of yourself, lets wait 6 months to a year after Vista RTM’s to come to that decision.


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