Microsoft, You Promised!

Microsoft, you said this is suppose to be a thing of the past starting with Office XP. So why am I seeing it here in Office 2007? Come on????

Reboot? Get a life!


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13 responses to “Microsoft, You Promised!

  1. Brandon

    I just installed Office 2007 on Windows Vista Build 5536 and it did not ask me to reboot. It has not asked me to reboot when installing before. It also does not ask me to reboot after installation on Windows XP Professional either.
    Perhaps this is a bug?

  2. Ken

    Forgot if office 2007 ask me to do so in XP and vista ? wanted to reinstall but accidentally delete the ISO… gosh… went back to microsoft.. now that i have to pay… then i just forget about it.. 🙂

  3. Unknown

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