Build 5536 – A Clean Device Manager…

is such a thing of beauty. I am so confident in the RC1 build of Vista right now after seeing Device Manager. Things are running very smooth in this build. As everyone notes, performance has improved based on general use of the OS, I would not apply this to the installation since it took a long time to install. But the overall system feels stable. I installed the latest nVidia drivers for my antiquated Geforce FX 5200 128 MB AGP, but it made the system both unstable and unbootable, but I was able to recover by booting in safe mode and do a driver roll back, now I am back in business. Creative needs to release some better drivers, I was playing a song and artiste voice sounded like a chip munk, hopefully post RTM will give us some quality device drivers from the IHV’s.

Device Manager in Windows Vista Build 5536 on my Dell Dimension 8300.


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  1. Ou

    Looks very good~

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