Microsoft’s new lame attempt at making Vista look funny

Taking a look at the new "anti-funny" marketing ad for Windows Vista over at Long Zheng, I have to say, disappointment best describes it. Microsoft, what are you "thinking"???? Stop trying to act like Apple, its obvious you are trying counter their Mac and PC ads with something trying to be funny, cool and hip, but the point is, its not.

I don’t get it and it does not relate to Windows Vista. As Joe Wilcox asked, why not recapture some of the qualities of the Windows 95 marketing campaign? Show Windows as something you use for more than playing solitaire or connect to a Windows Server Domain. This ad only tells me you have admitted defeat to Apples OS X. It could also suggest that Windows Vista is a “uhh, a stupid operating system”.

If you want funny people look to the Classics and Standards, Chris Rock would have been nice, Conan O’Brian, or Jimmy Kimmel. I think the guy on Colbert Report would really add some sensible, mature yet really out of this world funny and enlightening info about Vista. This relative unknown Demetri is gonna bomb big time.

Check out the video at

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