More Vista Surprises to Come by RTM?

Robert McLaws of notes that Microsoft is still working on adding some new user experience features for the RTM release of Windows Vista. I just have to wonder, what could it really be? Vista has been such a public release with little being top secret, we have been using AERO Glass since BETA 1 was released in July of 2005, all the multimedia apps have been in Vista also since beta 1 and subsequent interim releases such as Photo Gallery (formerlly Windows Digital Library) although not functional initially, Windows Calendar, Meeting Spaces, Defender and many others.
Rumors going around for the past year and a half include a vectorized user interface called AERO Diamond, a higher tier than the present AERO Glass theme will offer better, cleaner experience for those with Direct X 10 capable cards. Of course thats just a rumor and I am sure we will see some pleasant services offered through the new Ultimate Extras companion for Vista for users of the Vista Ultimate Edition, just what these might be I leave for you to decide.

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