Very satisfactory Install Time results for Windows Vista x64 RC2

I installed the latest 64-bit build (5744) for Windows Vista RC2 and must say I am surprised. As you already know, the x86 5744 install results for me was kinda disappointing after 2 prior builds (5600 and 5728) showed commendable improvements. Shock is what would best describe the results for RC2 x64, it actually beat x86 on slower hardware!

Desktop PC Specs:
Generic AMD 64 Machine
AMD Sempron 1.6 GHz
512 MBs of RAM
nVidia Geforce FX 5200 128 MB AGP

Now for the installation results:
Setup: 2 mins
Copying Files: 7 mins
Expanding Files: 17 mins
Installing Features: N/A
Installing Updates: 2 min
Please wait while Windows Vista Prepares to Start for the first time: 2 min
Completing Setup: 6 mins

Total time: 33 mins

Now thats good stuff, the difference is Copying Files was much shorter than previous builds, even Expanding files was much quicker. The build is stable and running smoothly, I have not loaded up all my common applications yet, but will do so later when I get home. Vista is looking positive more and more, hopefully RTM will reveal additional surprises. I noticed that Windows AERO is not on by default or not available, I suppose I have to activate Windows first to get it, but I have noticed this since build 5536. Let’s hope Vista is not calling my card crappy, because its the same one I am using on the P4 Desktop and I still manage to get AERO Glass out of the box.

My Vista QuickStart/FAQ Guide updated for RC2

Windows Vista 5744 x86 install time results are in! Release Candidate 1 Preview (Build 5600)


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6 responses to “Very satisfactory Install Time results for Windows Vista x64 RC2

  1. Ken

    Well.. its a great improvement.. i mean on the x86 version (32bits) as well… well, i dun really do a timing on my P4HT machine but i do feel that 5744 setup and install time greatly improve than all previous built. Which is a good thing.. and most drivers r in !

  2. Andre

    I want to try 5744 x86 on another system, hopefully I will get some better results. But x64 results are quite surprising.

  3. Kevin

    Curious to know if your 33 minute install was an upgrade from a pre-RC2 build (i.e., RC1) or for a clean installation.

  4. Andre

    Hey Kevin,
    It was a clean install. I don\’t see upgrading from test build to test build as a valid scenario. I won\’t even upgrade my XP install to final Vist RTM release.

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