Europe Will Get Windows Vista After All


"update Microsoft announced on Friday that it remains on track for its releases in Europe and Korea of Vista, despite earlier concerns raised by antitrust officials in the two regions.

Vista, as a result, remains on schedule for a worldwide general release in January. Microsoft officials said they now feel comfortable that they have addressed the three main concerns European Commission regulators raised last month.

"Constructive dialogue followed…and Microsoft has made changes in each of the three areas," said Brad Smith, Microsoft’s general counsel, noting that the Commission provided the clarity the software giant was seeking to make the changes. "It’s a lot easier to abide by the speed limit, when you know what the speed limit is."

Read the rest here

I think its good that everybody around the world can have access to the OS at or almost at the same time. The effects that Windows Vista will have upon the economies in the various European countries will help to drive both growth and innovation for a combination of folks.

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