No. 1 Enable the Menu Bar in the Vista Explorer Shell

As we approach the release of Windows Vista I would like to start releasing some tips and tricks on getting started with the new OS. Whether it’s enhancing your productivity or customizing the OS to suit your needs.


The Menu bar has replaced the Command bar in the Windows Vista Explorer Shell. You can still access it temporarily by holding down the Alt key on your keyboard, if you want to turn it on permanently, do the following:

1. Open an Explorer window such as ‘Computer’ or ‘Document’s from the Start panel.

(Alternatively, you can open Control Panel, click the Appearance and Personalization link, then click the Folder Options link.)

2. Click on the green Command bar Organize > Folder and Search Options.

3. On the Folder Options dialog, click the View (tab)

4. Under Advanced Settings then check the ‘Always show menus’ box

5. Click ‘OK’ to confirm changes.

Although the new Command bar offers quick access to common task, some users might want more advanced options such as the ability to move files and folders without the extraneous process required by copying/cutting and editing.

If you want to turn off the Menu bar, follow the same procedures and uncheck Always show menus, click OK to confirm changes.




After: You will now have access to more options that were previously unavailable using the Command bar in Windows Vista.

In my next tips n’ tricks, we look at bringing back the Run Command and changes to the Windows Explorer Shell.


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