No. 2: Where did the ‘Run’ command go in Windows Vista?




By default the Run command on the Vista Start panel is turned off, but can be easily accessed by using the Windows key + R command to display it on screen, or click Start > type ‘Run’ hit Enter or Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Run.

If you want it to appear on the Start panel permanently > click Start > type ‘Taskbar and Start menu’ > Start Menu (tab) > Customize > Advanced (tab) > under Start menu items: > scroll down and check the Run command box > click > OK > OK.

Alternatively, you can right click the Taskbar > click Properties.

The Run Command provides quick access to programs, files, locations and websites. For example, shortcut commands for programs such as Microsoft Word or Excel can easily be launched by typing WINWORD or EXCEL which you might find much quicker than using the traditional step by step Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office group > Microsoft Word or Excel.

To access a system location such as your Documents from the Run Command, type G:\Users\youraccountnamehere\Documents.

Sorry about the graphic messup. Still getting a hang of this and of course, Live Writer is beta. 🙂

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