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Windows Vista prepping RTMed

Jim Allchin (Microsoft Vice President for Windows) has just confirmed at the Windows Vista Team Blog that Windows Vista is getting ready to be Released to Manufacturering!

RTM Build Number:

Windows Vista RTM Launch Video:

Q&A: Microsoft Windows Vista Released to Manufacturing:

Windows Vista RTM FAQ and Quick Start Guide:!E8E5CC039D51E3DB!9709.entry


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Windows Vista – The Recap 2005 to 2006

So with Windows Vista RTM only a few hours away, we are on the threshold of a new era in computing. Testing Vista for over a year has been one wild ride, from the first beta in July 2005 to the many interim releases that came after. It was fun and I must say I enjoyed every minute of it and hope to do it again in the future without the long gap and wait for Beta though. So with the beta now ended I just want us to take a look back at the past 15 months:

Build 5112: Windows Vista BETA 1
Build 5219: Windows Vista September CTP
Build 5231: Windows Vista October CTP
Build 5270: Windows Vista December CTP
Build 5308: Windows Vista February CTP
Build 5536: Windows Vista Pre Release Candidate 1
Build 5600: Windows Vista Release Candidate 1

Build 6000: RTM ActiveWin Windows Vista Ultimate x86 and x64 Review New! Coming Soon.

Of course, there are some builds I didn’t review, such as 5342, 5365, 5381, 5384 (BETA 2), 5456 and 5472, because they were either unusable or just not significantly different in changes to justify a review. The feature set has been pretty much frozen since Build 5308. Of course, the platform on which Vista started has not officially finished development. Windows ‘codenamed’ Longhorn Server will carry the torch into Q4 2007 and I hope to get a bit more interested in that release and present some reviews to see whats happening with it.

Remember to stay tuned to Teching It Easy for ongoing coverage of Windows Vista, with tips and tricks plus a new category called Vista Journal where I will be exploring and relating my everyday experiences with Windows Vista for one year, everyday (hopefully).

Windows Vista RTM FAQ and Quick Start Guide


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Prepping Vista – A Behind The Scenes Look


CNET gives us a visual tour of the development process that goes into producing the next version of Windows, Vista. I must say, its definitely a lot of work and dedication and makes you think differently as a Technical Tester and how you submit reports. Compiling an operating system is no easy task and the amount of man power and engineering definitely deserves accolades.

Microsoft Test Manager Paul Donnelly looks at one of the many machines he has running Vista. As the release of Vista has drawn closer, Donnelly has added more test machines to his office. Last week, that number totaled nine.

By having many different setups, some with rarely used configurations, Donnelly hopes he will encounter problems before a customer does.

Credit: Ina Fried/CNET

Check out the entire Photo Gallery HERE


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Talking about Logging on locally using Vista

 Spidercon looks at one of the mysteries of Windows Vista.


Logging on locally using Vista

One of the things that has appeared with Vista in a domain is that the selection box that you woudl normally use to be able to log onto the machine locally is no longer appearing on the login screen.
So .. how do I log onto a Vista box that is joined onto the domain using a local acount?
If I wanted to logon with a local user account called Kyle I would type into the account name box:  .\kyle – this then logs on using a local account rather than a domain account.


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New Office Online website – Now Out of Beta

New Office Online Website

Citrix Terminal software allows you to test a virtual version of Office 2007.

The new Office 2007 Online Portal is now out of beta, featuring a radical departure from its predecessor. Reflecting a similar look and feel to the core Office 2007 applications using the new Ribbon interface, Office Online features quick access to Help and How to (tips and tricks) on getting the most out of Office 2007 along with a online try out of the new version of the venerable Office suite. Its really cool. 🙂

Check it out here


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Microsoft BetaPlace Is No More

For years, Microsoft has instituted BetaPlace as your pre-release software portal. Starting in mid 2005, Microsoft introduced Connect 1.0 as the replacement for Betaplace. Connect features more user control and feed tools plus better interaction with the developer teams. It also includes a voting system which enables you and fellow testers to give reports a high priority. Although its still its early phases, it has improved greatly and is upgraded rapidly with new enhancements on a regular basis.

The last product to be used by Beta Place was Office 12, now Office 2007. Future pre-release software will now move to Connect.

To sign up for technical testing, you now go to http:/



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