Talking about Logging on locally using Vista

 Spidercon looks at one of the mysteries of Windows Vista.


Logging on locally using Vista

One of the things that has appeared with Vista in a domain is that the selection box that you woudl normally use to be able to log onto the machine locally is no longer appearing on the login screen.
So .. how do I log onto a Vista box that is joined onto the domain using a local acount?
If I wanted to logon with a local user account called Kyle I would type into the account name box:  .\kyle – this then logs on using a local account rather than a domain account.


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8 responses to “Talking about Logging on locally using Vista

  1. Chris Haaker

    You can also enter <computername>\\<localusername> but yours is much shorter! 🙂

  2. Andre

    Thank you Chris, the more ways, the merrier. 🙂

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