Receivers of Acer Laptops with Vista Treated Unfairly

I have been browsing the blogsphere for the past couple of days now reading up on some of the feedback some Microsoft Community blogs have been receiving for receiving hardware with Microsoft software. I have summarized the majority of the comments as pure, 100% nutritious envy. It seems that Brandon Leblanc of MSTechToday got the brunt of it which is pretty sad, because I consider him to be one of the most upfront persons/Bloggers when it comes to "telling it like it is" about Microsoft products.

When I read the additional stupidity coming out of the redicilous lips of people like John Pallatto, Steven Vaughan-Nichols, I just felt sad that these individuals are playing the school yard envy game. Its not our fault they chose to cover another Company’s technology over Microsoft’s. Who knows, Redhat, Novell and Sun might even be putting them up to this useless torrent of attacks against honest Microsoft bloggers. The point is, we just don’t know, and just like Steve admits, true journalist have been known to commit such unethical moves.

What makes it even more weird, they are attacking "Microsoft based" community blogs, sites that are already considered MS Fanatics. So how in heavens name is this making them more "pro-ms", when in a sense they were already were.

I will say it right now, I am one of the lucky ones who will also receive one of the Acer Ferrari 5000 with Windows Vista and plan on reviewing it well. And who would not be biased after checking out the specs on the system, of course its going to get a good review. I have been testing Windows Vista for the past 15 months now on lack luster hardware and I have noted from early on the best way to transition to Vista is with a new system preloaded.

Another point too, if Brandon had disclosed that the hardware was courtesy of Acer and Windows Vista from the beginning, he would have been labeled bought anyway. So its a case of you just can’t win either way, but who cares, at least you will have a nice laptop as a nice comfort for all that attack.


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