Possible Windows Vista SideShow enabled MP3 Player from Dell?

From Engadget


"If Microsoft has its way, you won’t be able to pick up a digital thermometer next year that’s not powered by its widget-tastic SideShow middleware. Therefore, even though Dell dropped out of the portable audio game this past summer, rumors that the company is working with Redmond on a SideShow-enabled MP3 player do in fact seem fairly plausible."

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This sounds very interesting, and makes sense, I have seen concepts of Windows SideShow in the Windows Vista Product Guide, but to be honest, it looks like something I would not use often, but at times it would be very handy when only need to check my Calendar. I think the additional capabilities such as MP3 support would make this technology/platform seem more functional beyond being a quickly accessible PIM. I am definitely glad I am taking the wait and see approach on such technology too, I am very sure laptops that come with SideShow will be considered as premium systems targetting early adopters and enterprise customers specifically. Similar to earlier Microsoft technologies such as Tablet PC and Media Center, I predict SideShow having a possible slow start. Which is why I think Microsoft chose to bring both down into other Vista SKU’s such as Home Premium, Business and Ultimate. But hardware manufacturers are a keyfactor why these products are not as successful or being grasped by consumers more. I would love to own a Tablet, but I want it at a decent price without any trade off in performance or features. Hopefully 2007 will definitely be mainstream for these products.


Windows Vista: Windows SideShow
Get to Know Windows SideShow

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