DELL Now Selling PC’s Preloaded with Windows Vista

I just checked the Dell website and discovered that they are now selling PC’s preloaded with Windows Vista:


Imagine living a secure, digital life to the fullest – accessing many of the latest technologies from virtually anywhere in your home1. Select Dell PCs with Microsoft’s new Windows VistaTM  Operating System can give you that lifestyle in a more exciting and secure way than ever before.
Depending on your system’s configurations, Windows Vista can provide:

  • Great features  like Windows Media Center help you manage video, audio and TV all from your Dell PC with a tuner
  • New security options  such as Parental Controls and integrated Anti-Spyware help protect your family when accessing your personal data or information from the Internet
  • New tools  such as integrated search help enable you to get work done fast. Windows VistaTM  can allow you to easily organize and find your photos, videos, music and documents
  • The cool interface  of Windows Aero2 designed to make your computer experience dynamic and fun

Learn more here


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6 responses to “DELL Now Selling PC’s Preloaded with Windows Vista

  1. Chris

    No – you didn\’t just \’discover\’ it – I told you about it, you went and looked and saw it was true…

  2. Brian Kvalheim

    Thanks for the update Andre. Great news. I didn\’t know.

  3. Chris

    HP is also starting to sell them.

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