Steve Ballmer at Best Buy

This morning the ActiveWin Team (Bob and I) stopped at the local Best Buy in New York City to witness Steve Ballmer (Microsoft CEO) along with a young lady from Arizona relay her experiences with Windows Vista. The press were there to cover the event, after demoing Vista to the crowd, the CEO discussed his excitement over this major release of Windows. It was refreshing to see Steve Ballmer in person, he is full of pepp, excitement and gets the crowd going with his strong tone of voice and passion for the Company. He also rallied the employees at Best Buy which was a sight to see, it was such a great time. Unfortunately though, I did not get to meet Ballmer, (because I walked away to pick up a few items), Bob was lucky enough to meet Steve, congratulate him and take a picture together (I envy Bob)!

Steve Ballmer getting personal demo of Vista, Best Buy army of employee’s and Best Buy CEO.

After Steve left the crowd of consumers started chowing down on the available copies of both Office 2007 and Windows Vista. There were two iMac desktops that looked really, really out of place. The Best Buy folks should have used Boot Camp and install Vista on them. Nick White (Windows Vista Team Blog) sold the first copy of the product (I think), a signature upgrade edition from Bill Gates to a Best Buy employee. I saw the desktop Ballmer and that little girl used to demo Vista and its just awesome, its a Gateway HD display with integrated speakers.

Copies of Windows Vista and Office 2007 on shelves.


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21 responses to “Steve Ballmer at Best Buy

  1. David

    I was fortunate enough to attend the release event at Best Buy in Bellevue, Wa. Got to shake Jim Allchin\’s hand after he watched the first copy of Vista purchased at Midnight. It was interested to see him watching from what was really behind the scenes. Letting the news cover the event without him in the picture of it all, but then again; he was interviewed earlier that evening by the news.

  2. Andre

    It will be interesting to see how the Windows Division moves forward after Jim\’s retirement. Yet, I\’m confident things will run smooth, tight and agile with the leadership of Steven Sinofsky. It was definitely a pleasure to see both Bill and Steve Ballmer in person.

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