DreamScene – The Issues So Far

Earlier today I detailed steps to acquiring and enabling one of Windows Vista Ultimate’s latest Ultimate Extras, DreamScene. But since using it, I have discovered some issues, minor, but still noticeable:

  • SideBar temporarily distorted when loading the Windows desktop
  • Does not automatically play after logging in, you have to right click and click Play DreamScene
  • Automatically pauses at times, requiring that you re-enable, I don’t know if this is possibly a feature to better utilize system resources when DS is not in use.
  • Audio skips in Windows Media Player while playing DreamScene, pausing DS fixes it.

Overall, its a nice addition to Windows Vista experience, although, gazing at the Windows Desktop is not something I do all day, but those few stolen moments are really a pleasure, whether its after closing programs or a lunch break. I can’t wait to get the other’s I saw at the Vista launch even such as Techy looking backgrounds, the Racoon staring at you all day, and best "I think" of them all, the grass swaying in the evening sunset.

I have not seen any changes in system performance which proves the team working on this has done a lot of work to ensure that your system runs smooth so far.

System Specs:

3.2 Ghz P4 HT (32-Bit)
nVidia Geforce FX 5200 128 MB AGP card
2.6 GBs of RAM

Windows Vista Ultimate Edition x86



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