How to enable Windows DreamScene

Microsoft yesterday released a preview of one of its Windows Vista Ultimate Extras called DreamScene which provides an animated background wallpaper bringing life to the Windows desktop. The installation file is 21 MBs which would be considered huge in comparison to a standard JPEG wallpaper which is also one of the capabilities of DreamScene.

1. Accessing the DreamScene software
Requires that you have Windows Vista Ultimate Edition installed, Ultimate Extras are exclusive to users of this particular edition of Windows Vista. DreamScene also requires that you have the Windows AERO Glass theme enabled.

2. Acquiring the update – Click Start > All Programs > Windows Update. Under the left hand pane, click the “Check for updates” link. A list of updates will then appear. These updates can include a combination of Windows Update’s along with Ultimate Extras.

3. Click the View Available Updates link, Windows DreamScene will be unchecked and listed as an Optional update. Check it, then click the Install button to start the download. After the download has finished you will be asked to restart your system to configure the software.

Selecting DreamScene Content

Click Start > type Personalization in the search box
Click Enter
Click Desktop Background link
Click in the Location list box
From the list, click Windows DreamScene Content, click OK

You will see your desktop turn into an animated Vista, with subtle reflections.

If you wish to temporarily disable the DreamScene animation:

Right click your desktop
From context menu, click Pause Windows DreamScene (Preview)

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