Adding Folders and Programs to the ‘Send To’ Context Menu in Windows Vista

The Send To menu available on the right click context menu allows you to quickly send files to various locations in the system. These include:


  • Compressed Zipped Folder
  • Desktop (Create Shortcut)
  • Documents Explorer
  • Fax Recipient
  • Mail Recipient
  • Floppy Drive (A:)
  • Optical Drive

But how can you customize this menu in Windows Vista to contain your personal folder or desired system locations for quick access when sending files?

Easy, click Start > All Programs > Accessories > click Run OR use the Windows key + R command to quickly launch the Run command window.

Type in: ‘shell:sendto’ without quotes of course and click OK. The Send To Explorer will then open with a listing of the current locations located in it.

Now, you can simply copy and paste your favourite location to the Send To location for quick access or simply right click and select New to create a New Folder in the location. For example, I will copy and paste a shortcut to Favorites explorer here.


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