The Windows Ultimate Extras Drought

I wanted to keep my mouth shut on this one, but its getting a bit disturbing for me to continue doing so. Windows Ultimate Extras has been in the works for a long time now from early on in the Vista Beta. Vista Ultimate RTMed late January, but so far the UE folks have only released some stuff that honestly do not make this particular SKU a must have. I still have some confidence left in me that more value will show up over time, but the wait for more stuff has been rather long since downloading Hold ’em Poker, Bitlocker with Online Backup in February. The recent preview of DreamScene has been well, ok, but has not brought any wow factor to my user experience. Also, where are those other DreamScene backgrounds I saw at the launch event? Why are they taking so long, what needs to be fixed?

I need progress updates, I need more value, right now, Vista Business and Home Premium are looking like the most sensible choice for most users planning on moving to Vista. Yep, its obvious, I’m a bit frustrated, but I believe I have good reason to be. Vista Ultimate has a 5 year life support expectancy, but, the major gaps between UE releases are too wide, the value its adding just does not seem worthy enough. While Ultimate Extras does have the edge by melding together features of the Consumer/Business branches, looking deeper, what are you missing out on really?

  • Domain Join (Business and Enterprise Edition)
  • Media Center (Home Premium)
  • Windows DVD Maker (Business Edition)
  • Windows AERO (Home Premium, Business)
  • Tablet PC (Home Premium, Business)
  • Meeting Space (Home Premium, Business)
  • XBOX integration (Home Premium)
  • Complete PC Backup (Business)
  • Remote Desktop (Business)

Right now, Vista Home Premium win’s out carrying a majority of the features most users are looking for. If you are connecting more than five PC’s in a work environment, Business Edition continues to be the best value. At the office, we only have 10 PCs connected to a Server running Server 2003 Standard in workgroup mode and we are able to do what we want just fine. So, for most small businesses, looking to Ultimate as getting everything cheaper without the need to invest in an Enterprise Agreement to get features like Bit Locker, is not a sensible decision.

To be honest, I don’t use Media Center/XBOX 360, Tablet PC and Meeting Space. But, features like Windows Movie Maker and DVD Maker (Home Premium) are tools I’m finding the time to use more and more. Microsoft’s marketing has mismatched the features in so many way’s, you can’t get away without thinking about Ultimate as the best choice. But at the same time, you have to ask yourself, do I really need all these features? In most cases, you probably have a third party application that can offer whats only available in Ultimate and missing in a cheaper SKU.

When I look at the big picture, having all features isn’t a justified reason for purchasing Ultimate. Especially if you don’t have the hardware to fully take advantage of it. So, my final recommendation is, when you go out to purchase Vista (if you do), focus primarily on Home Premium or Business, these two seem to have the needs of most users. Also, its not a distasteful idea to scrap the Ultimate SKU you and sell off some of the services of Ultimate extras as optional add-ons (ala-Plus!) for users of the lower SKU’s. But that would be taking it a bit too far I would assume. I just wish the releases were more rapid. <sigh>



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82 responses to “The Windows Ultimate Extras Drought

  1. Jeff

                 Good commentary.

  2. markbyrn

    Your commentary is spot-on and as a Vista Ultimate owner, I\’m not only disappointed with the slim offerings to date, but the support for the Ultimate version is just as paltry.   Considering the "Ultimate" version is an extra $100 or so above the "Premium" Version, MS$ should be going out of their way to provide dedicated support lines and website / newsgroups just for the "Ultimate" users.  With precious little extra value in the ultimate product itself, providing extra services to go with the product might make folks a little happier to own the top shelf edition.  As it is now, the only extra that I can say has any kind of value for money is Bitlocker.Everything else is eye candy and me thinks I\’ve been suckered by the marketing hype.

  3. Andre

    Thanks guys, its still early, but I just was expecting that Microsoft would be putting Ultimate users in first class in terms of the value for money. I am not seeing a significant difference across the SKU\’s and in the case of Ultimate, its not one that really deserves additional $100 or $200 from what I\’m seeing/experiencing so far. But, the hype can be mis-leading which has brought me to my current recommendations on purchasing Vista.

  4. brian

    Extra ! Extra ! read all about it they need more extras plain and simple. Extra buyers have been forgotten once they pony up the money.

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    铜米机 碳雕 炭雕 活性炭 活性炭雕 空气净化产品 好想你枣 北京好想你枣 轴承 进口轴承 FAG轴承 NTN轴承 NSK轴承 SKF轴承 网站建设 网站推广 googel左侧优化 googel左侧推广 搜索引擎优化 仓壁振动器 给料机 分子蒸馏 短程蒸馏 薄膜蒸发器 导热油 真空泵油 胎毛笔 手足印 婴儿纪念品 婴幼儿纪念品 园林机械 草坪机 油锯 小型收割机 收割机 割灌机 割草机 电动喷雾器 地钻 采茶机 婚纱 北京婚纱 婚纱礼服 北京婚纱店 个性婚纱 礼服 北京礼服 礼服定制 礼服出租 飘人|飘人2008|云淡风清 罗茨鼓风机 三叶罗茨鼓风机 罗茨风机 章丘罗茨鼓风机 鼓风机 三叶罗茨风机 章丘鼓风机 章丘三叶罗茨风机 铣刀 意大利留学 留学意大利 钢管舞 钢管舞培训 北京钢管舞 爵士舞 北京音皇国际 泳池设备 桑拿设备 印刷厂 油锯 割草机 绿篱机 风力灭火机 留学意大利 意大利留学 好日子小吃车 好日子烧烤小吃车 好日子多功能小吃车 好日子烧烤车 中频感应熔炼锻造设备 高频感应加热钎焊设备 保护膜 佛具 律师事务所 北京律师事务所 法律咨询 北京律师 北京法律咨询 小吃车 多功能小吃车 烧烤小吃车 烧烤车 拓展训练

  21. Unknown

    株式投資 テレマーケティング  出産祝い 会社設立  フレッツ 
    お見合いパーティー  RAID復旧  看護師  オーク  RMT  Bフレッツ  育毛剤  自動車保険 比較 

  22. Unknown

    お取り寄せグルメ  東京 ホームページ制作 カーボンオフセット  鼻づまり  いびき   腰痛  フレッツ 光  データ復元  自動車保険  釣り  データ復旧  結婚指輪  CAD  マンション フロント  toefl 

  23. Unknown

    外壁,防水,屋根,塗装専門店,ペイント,塗料,ペンキ,カラモニー塗り替え,塗り替え金額,塗り替え期間、塗り替え仕上,塗替え,外壁塗装,リフォーム,塗装,塗装業者,住宅塗装,塗料,日本ペイント, 外壁塗装を考えている方は必見です 。アクサダイレクト東京/大阪のクリエイター育成専門の学校 バンタンデザイン研究所。大阪 専門学校ファッションや美容の専門の学校です. 大阪 専門学校デザインスクール最大級の超複合型イベント。

  24. Unknown

    賃貸 駅5分以内 クレジットカード現金化 賃貸 中央区

    賃貸 丸ノ内線 賃貸 中央線 賃貸 新築 賃貸 京浜東北線 

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    賃貸 駅5分以内 クレジットカード現金化 賃貸 中央区

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    賃貸 大田区  賃貸 北区

  27. Unknown


  28. Unknown

    探偵 調査







    キャバクラ 大阪











  29. Unknown

    一戸建て   治験  債務整理  そんぽ24  新宿 マッサージ
    アクサダイレクト  ソニー損保   婚約指輪  三井ダイレクト

  30. Unknown

    新宿 賃貸  人材派遣  多重債務  ブログアフィリエイト  ゴルフ会員権
    バイク便  印鑑  フロント サービス  マンスリーマンション  育毛剤

  31. Unknown

    韓国ツアー  東京 一戸建て 三井ダイレクト

  32. Unknown

    広告業界 アメリカ ビザ 輸入雑貨 治験ボランティア  ジュエリー通販 美容学校 電話会議 メタボ対策 
    知多半島 ホテル

  33. Unknown

    探偵 調査





















    エアコン 東京














  34. Unknown




    英会話 教材







    誕生日プレゼント 花



    ブライダルエステ 代官山






    アダルト サンプル 動画






    FX ランキング

    FX 比較

    キャッシング 申込


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