How to Ease Your Daylight Savings Time Transition

From Microsoft TechNET


What time will your organization’s computers think it is on Sunday? Or, more important, will everyone’s Outlook calendars be in sync on Monday morning? The United States Energy Policy Act of 2005 goes into effect on March 11 and unless certain updates are applied, the time zone settings for your computers’ and handheld devices’ system clocks may be incorrect during the four-week period affected by the change. To get the updates and learn how to apply them, the Microsoft Daylight Saving Time Help and Support Center is the place to start. There you can find a rundown of all products affected by DST. You can also participate in webcasts and technical chats geared to help you apply the updates. These updates have been released through a combination of channels including Microsoft Customer Support Services (CSS), hot fixes incorporated in Knowledge Base articles, Windows Update, Microsoft Update, Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), and the Microsoft Download Center. Also check out Microsoft IT Deployment Guidance to learn about the Microsoft internal best practices on easing the DST transition.

Available DST updates for Windows:

Support and Troubleshooting

Support News

Daylight Saving Time Help and Support Center

How-to Articles

How to address daylight saving time by using the Exchange Calendar Update Tool

How to prepare SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2000 for changes to daylight saving time in 2007

Knowledge Base Articles

Update for daylight saving time changes in 2007 for Exchange 2003 Service Pack 1

February 2007 cumulative time zone update for Microsoft Windows operating systems

Preparing for Daylight Saving Time changes in 2007

Update your Windows Mobile powered device now

You can’t deny it-spring is on the way! And this year, along with the sunshine and warmer weather, comes Daylight Saving Time. Due to Congress’s Energy Policy Act, you’ll need to remind your Windows Mobile® powered device that clocks will be set forward sooner than usual this year. Make sure your device doesn’t fall behind by updating its software now.
To ensure your device is on time, visit and download the necessary updates.



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