WinCustomize – Blissful Sunset DreamScene

Over the weekend I was browsing the WinCustomize DreamScene gallery deciding on what I should choose, I have to say most of the available ones (for free) did not excite or interest me. Then I saw Blissful Sunset, which I have been expecting to receive through Windows Ultimate Extras for the past couple of months now. In mid February Microsoft released a preview of DreamScene through their Ultimate Extra’s service which is exclusive to licensed customers of Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. The idea is to add life to static desktop wallpapers with motion scenary which can range from nature based to abstract backgrounds.

Blissful Sunset Dreamscene by WinCustomize

I first saw Bliss Sunset at the Windows Vista launch event in New York after a demo presentation. Wowed I was by the quick glimpse which left me anticipating DreamScene, which has so far only delivered one preview. Blissful sunset comes at a cost though ($4.95) and requires that you install the free Dreamscapes software for it to work since it does not use the Microsoft based .Dream format and requires that you add the Blissful Sunset DS through Object desktops own technology. Its kinda confusing and I would have preferred if WinCustomize used the existing tools in Vista to do this.

Is it worth purchasing? To be honest with you, no, it should be free, it loses its nostalgia after a while too. There are also some small problems such as audio playing in Media Player 11 I hear skips and distant echo feedback in songs. If its paused though I don’t get the glitches. Another issue is the grass blades, I am seeing a fair amount of dirt down to the taskbar area that does not escape the fact its computer generated imagery. I can’t decide if this is a field of tall grass or sugar cane (which is a specie of grass by the way).  I love playing the BeeGee’s How Deep Is Your Love while watching this dream scene, its such a soothing experience.

My nephew asked me why isn’t the sun setting? I told him because its a specific moment in time you want to always have, but, subtle sun animation would have been nice though to add to that realism. As for performance, no changes at all, the system runs just fine, except for the current audio problems I’m experiencing with it, with 2 GBs of RAM, 256 MB Video card and a 64-bit processor I wouldn’t expect it to though. Dreamscene files are big too weighing in around 27 MBs, the Bliss abstract preview weighed in at 21 MBs. Overall, its not perfect, but it is beautiful and credit must be given to the artist who came up with it. But it does prove that these things have to be tested.

Check out WinCustomize Dreamscene gallery HERE thanks to Jeff for the link


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