Its always great to hear stories about persons embracing Windows Vista and becoming inspired by the new system so much they want to share the positive experiences they have harnessed from using it. is one such example, today I received an e-mail from Nick Zara (who I presume is the owner or admin), of this new site about being inspired by Teching It Easy to also start blogging and become a part of a large community of users world wide who use Windows Vista everyday.


" was created for users that are beginners or intermediate, but if you have been using Windows Vista since its early versions and became an expert, we may have some interesting things for you too!

WindVis is all about helping you protect your privacy when surfing the internet, keeping your computer secure and optimize your Windows Vista for better performance.

If you’re looking for free or commercial software that’s better than what you already got inside your Windows Vista edition, our software reviews can help you in making the right choice."

Check out


Windows Vista Community



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    Thank you .

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