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Slow Copy and Move in Windows Vista

From My Tech Blog


"One of the main complain I had about Vista is the slow file copy or move operations. It seems that it is the new "Remote Differential Compression" who is the culprit.

To turn it off go in Control Panel / Programs and features / Turn on or turn off Windows features and uncheck "Remote Differential Compression".

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Windows Vista Tip: Using Windows Defender



"Vista’s Windows Defender

Vista’s Windows Defender provides continuous security against malware, and if it detects anything suspicious, it will alert you of what it finds. It does this by using three specific tools:

Internet agents Internet agents are used to monitor changes to Internet access settings, as well as to stop unauthorized connection attempts via the network.

System agents System agents are used to monitor changes to your system’s settings, such as passwords and permissions.

Application agents Application agents are used to monitor changes to applications installed on your OS, such as Internet Explorer being modified by downloadable toolbar applications."

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Vista as the last 32-bit Client OS from MS not Confirmed

From Windows Vista Team Blog


"A few folks took Bill’s comments on Windows Server and applied them to Windows Client deriving that Windows Vista would be the last 32-bit operating system. That is an incorrect extension.  While Windows Vista includes both 32-bit and 64-bit and there is a growing community of drivers for 64-bit Windows Vista we have not decided when Windows Client will follow Windows Server and become 64-bit only.

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20 ways to get Windows Vista under control

From TechLogg


"Still not sure if you’re in control of Windows Vista or it’s in control of you? From switching on Aero with only 384MB of memory or extending the activation period to 120 days, these 20 tips should go a long way to getting you in charge.

Having played with Windows Vista for the last five months, I’ve learned a few things about Microsoft’s new operating system, probably more than I wanted to know. There’s a saying in the car industry that the last of the previous model is typically always better than the first of the new one."

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Making your Windows Live Contacts work with Windows Contacts

From Windows Experience Blog


"Windows Vista ships with Windows Contacts which consists of contact management features that are built into the Windows Shell. It stores your contacts as .contact files. If you go to your Start Menu and All Programs, you will see it listed there.  The default behavior in Windows Vista is that if you are using Windows Mail as your email client, you can add contacts into your Windows Contacts directly from Windows Mail.  "

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Windows Vista Tips: Working with Windows Calendar

Create a family calendar with Windows Vista

With the Windows Vista operating system, you can use a single calendar program to plan your activities and your family’s. Windows Calendar, included in Windows Vista, lets you create calendars for each member of your family and compare them side by side. Find out how to use Windows Calendar to keep the entire family’s schedule and stay up-to-date at a glance.

Other calendar tips and tricks:
Create unique custom calendars on your PC
Get calendar templates from Microsoft Office Online
Share your calendars over the Internet



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Work Smarter With Vista’s New Productivity Tools

From PC World


"Built-in Windows Vista utilities can help you recover lost files, manage your network, hold meetings, and more. Vista contains so many new doodads, gizmos, and applets that some of the more useful ones are easy to overlook. Here are the new Vista features that I find particularly nifty."

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