Windows Vista In The Know Links – .No 8

From Microsoft

Live it today. Relive it tomorrow.

Don’t leave hundreds–or even thousands–of digital photos buried on your PC. Now you can handle your photos and videos in a truly intuitive way using Windows Vista. See how simple it can be to import, find and organize, edit, and share digital memories with family and friends.

More how-to’s and help for photos and video in Windows Vista

New and notable
Look for the logo. Experience the difference
For a superior Windows Vista Experience, look for hardware and software featuring a Windows Vista logo. See the different logos and learn what they mean.

Turn the PC you have into the PC you’ve always wanted
Upgrade your family’s PC fun and capabilities by moving from Windows XP to Windows Vista. Upgrade now and get free, unlimited 90-day phone support.

Featured tip for Windows Vista

View files the way you want
When you open a folder and see your files, you might prefer larger or smaller icons, or a way to see different kinds of information about each file. To make these kinds of changes, use the Views button in the toolbar of any folder.

Each time you click the Views button, the folder window changes the way it displays your file and folder icons, alternating between large icons, a smaller icon view called Tiles, and a view called Details that shows several columns of information about each file. If you click the arrow next to the Views button, you’ll find even more choices.

Visit our Help and How-to website to learn more about using Windows Vista.

More tips for Windows Vista

Learn by watching these Windows Vista demos
Choose from more than a dozen video clips about everything from Windows Vista desktop PC basics to diagnosing problems and getting help. If you like to see how to do something rather than read about it, these are for you.

Browse Windows Vista discussion groups
Thousands of Windows Vista users participate in our online discussion groups. Join them and post your own questions or learn what other people have to say about every aspect of Windows Vista.



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