Demo: Windows Live OneCare 2.0

From The Windows Experience Blog


"Last week Nick announced that the Windows Live OneCare 2.0 Beta Program has begun. Windows Live OneCare 2.0 is the next major release of Microsoft’s all-in-one PC protection program. Windows Live OneCare not only protects users from viruses and spyware, but also helps users make sure their important data is backed up and that their PC’s are updated with the latest updates from Windows Update.

Chris Overd over at LiveSide briefly touches upon features within Windows Live OneCare 2.0 such as Multi-PC support with your OneCare Circle, Centralized Backup, and the upcoming online photo backup service. However I took some time to record a little demo video showcasing some of Windows Live OneCare 2.0’s new features including the new PC startup management tool and the OneCare Circle."

Check it out here

I have been running Live OneCare 2.0 too on Windows Vista x64 for more than a week now and I plan to do a review soon talking about my experience with this new release. OneCare 1.0 wasn’t that inviting and the scan time as someone noted in the comments on the Windows Experience blog was just too long. It seems like that problem still has not been resolved or improved in version 2. My scan times with Symantec Client Security 10.2 for Windows Vista x64 is around an hour or less. I started a scan at 3 PM last week and it didn’t end until around 7:06 PM, four hours, that’s right! I like OneCare’s Defragmenter which knows when your PC needs to be defragged and automatically does it for you. Although I have been told Vista Defragmenter runs in background at all times I am left unsure about it. Hopefully removing OneCare 2 from my system will be much easier than the first version, I must admit, I have had bad experiences trying to remove older versions of System Client Security from my system, lets hope its not the case with WLO when the time comes.



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