Why ‘Seven’ and Not SP1?

From Microsoft-Watch


"Microsoft is talking about the future again, but why about a product three years out when customers are clamoring for more immediate information about Vista?

As widely reported on Friday, a slide presentation from Microsoft’s MGX (Global Exchange) sales conference revealed that Vista’s successor, codename Windows "7," would be available in approximately 3 years. While Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is listed as "Next"—actually, Microsoft has two other pieces of software coming first—though no timetable for delivery is given."

Read the entire article here 

Joe, its obvious to me you are living in 1996. The days of NT 4 and disparately waiting for the Service Pack are over. Since the introduction of Windows Update and pervasiveness of the Internet particularly in the release of Windows 2000, it has begun to phase out the necessity of waiting for the first Service Pack approach before making mass deployments or putting a new OS in production. Yes, Service Packs are inevitable and what you are getting now through Windows Update in Vista today is mostly what you will be seeing in SP1 for Vista; a collection of bug fixes, security updates and likely better support for hardware like 802.11n based products for example.

Another quote from the article:

"Some businesses might take the renewal plunge based on Windows 7 estimated delivery. Some advice: You don’t bet on Microsoft ship dates, you bet against. Remember, for example, that Vista missed holiday 2006, which is simply unthinkable."

<sigh> In the case of businesses, Microsoft did not miss any ship date. For Company’s with SA and EA or even MSDN, they had access to Windows Vista and Office 2007 on November 30th 2006. Consumers didn’t get it until a few months later. Big differences there Joe.

What about R2?

Its coming! Unless you are referring to a Vista R2 client, Microsoft never promised or confirmed any. They did say a Windows "Server" 2008 R2 (formerly Longhorn R2) would be available in 2009.


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