Today we take a look at another popular Windows Vista resource managed by  Ciprian Rusen (Co-Editor).

Windows Vista 4 Beginngers is a unique site that focuses on the end user using Windows Vista for the first time or upgrading from Windows XP. This is a wonderful website that carefully guides the user through helpful, well written, detailed articles and tutorials.

Mission Statement

Microsoft’s new operating system – Windows Vista™ brings lots of new features and changes compared to Windows XP. Some of them are significant and some are not. The transition from Windows XP to Windows Vista is a big step for everybody. Even so, IT professionals will learn and adopt Windows Vista faster than most people. But what about the other people, who are not working in the IT business? After years of working with Windows XP, Windows Vista might be much too different and difficult to use.

Windows Vista for Beginners is here to help you. The team behind this site will try to provide simple and easy to understand tutorials about Windows Vista. We will try to cover as many topics as possible, starting with the most simple things like playing music on your Vista PC. You will see the site expand continuously as we will try to include as much content as possible.

Check it out here:


Introducing Vistabase



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