Its Official – Windows Server 7 to be a Minor Release

Well, what an interesting turn of events, Microsoft has confirmed that Windows Server 7 will be a minor release, which is rather confusing to me. The NOS will beer a similar name to the now on the market Windows Server 2008 only with a slight addition ‘R2’. What was so hard in going with Windows Server 2009 or Windows Server 2010? The out of date naming scheme would to me reflect badly on the products marketing and significance to those interested in upgrading.


"Microsoft said on Monday that the server version of Windows 7 will not
be a major release and will bear the name Windows Server 2008 R2.

The move is surprising, given that in the past, Microsoft has
used R2 monikers to signify a product with a few new features, as
opposed to major changes to a product.
Microsoft declined to discuss what will be in Windows Server 2008 R2,
but a spokesman confirmed that it is the server version of Windows 7.
The release is due sometime in 2010, Microsoft said."

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I am confused to be honest with you, but as Microsoft continues to build this thing, it seems that there will be more confusing turns along the way.  My understanding and I hope this is it, but it seems the features in Windows 7, client and server will reflect version 7. I want the next release of Windows to clearly reflect meaning to the end user, I just don’t want it to be some release that is edging on almost sounding like a glorified Service Pack.


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