Windows Live Services Wave 3 – Live Side

The folks over at Live Side shows us some early glimpses of the next version of Microsoft’s Windows Live services, some which were once Windows Vista only applications. What I am most glad to see is the improved user experiences and integration, for instance, Windows Live Mail will finally have an integrated calendar, something I have been longing for since Microsoft introduced Windows Calendar in Vista.

The interfaces have been updated with a unified look and feel that presents a seamless experience across applications like Live Messenger and Photo Gallery. My main concern is with all these applications becoming separated from Vista and available as free downloads for even XP, what is the surface value of Vista? I understand architecturally that Vista is secure from technologies like Patch Guard, ASLR and are low level differentiators. But XP remains a dominant factor here and the more consumers see the consumer features of Vista becoming available for them, then the point of upgrading to Vista becomes even more pointless.

I personally wouldn’t mind if Windows Live Writer was a web based service/interface that you access through the browser example:

My reason for this is because I am not always at my main computer, I don’t always have my laptop, which makes it impossibly to take advantage of some of the unique capabilities of Writer like text wrapping, Video integration, photos and so on.

Check out the Windows Live Services 3 overviews at the following links:

A picture is worth a thousand words: People Tags in Windows Live Photo Gallery Wave 3

Movie Maker to join Windows Live family with Wave 3

Wave 3 Is Coming: Mail with Windows Live Calendar synch

Windows Live Messenger – more new features expected

Windows Live Writer expiry prompt hints at new applications to download in the next month


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