New Windows 7 Sessions added – New Feature Desktop Taskbar

Long Zheng has discovered some new sessions that have been added to the Windows 7 category on the PDC Sessions Website one of these of interest is Windows 7 Desktop Taskbar.

"Windows 7: Integrate with the Windows 7 Desktop Taskbar
Rob Jarrett
This session dives into new APIs that enable integration with the latest Windows desktop features. Learn about new extensibility methods to surface your application’s key tasks. Discover how enhancements to the taskbar, Start Menu, thumbnails and their desktop elements provide new ways for you to delight your users. This talk is a must for application developers who wan to provide the best user experience for their applications on Windows 7."

Could this be Desktop Taskbar?

Windows Vista did not present totally radical new features to the desktop except for the addition of the Windows Sidebar which were tiny applications called Gadgets, which gives users quick access to information whether its an RSS Feed or jotting down a note. With 7, it looks like old favorites such as the Taskbar will be getting major improvements. I am not sure, but the mockup screenshot above done by Tjeerd Hoek could be a possible guess as to where the Taskbar is heading. Especially with Multi-Touch being adding, the current layout of the Taskbar today in Windows just won’t do for multi-touch experiences.


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