The Issue of Windows Live, Privacy and Spam

Brandon Leblanc over at his personal blog made an important plea to the Windows Live Team to improve the platforms privacy features and I wholeheartedly agree. Spam has become a problem across many of the services. I personally have some issues with people adding me to their messenger list without a reason or how they even came to access my email address in the first place. Let me share a little bit of Brandon’s thoughts on the issue:


What I would like is for Microsoft to let me require people adding me to Windows Live Messenger (or a Friend on Windows Live) to leave a personal message as to who they are and why they are adding me in order to successfully add me or send any invite. I want to then be able to respond to the personal message if need be for people who may have mistaken me for someone else etc.”

Read the entire article here

Just the other day, some persons from China added me, I asked one of them, how did you get my address? They said from my blog, but my public address on my Live Space is different from my IM address. The person refused to give any truthful details. The next thing I know she is asking if I want to buy Nike shoes or digital cameras from her. The Windows Live Team needs to do something about this, especially with all the SPAM comments coming from China on my Live Space. I want a feature in Live where I can block regions of the world. I don’t speak Chinese and I don’t think I have the time to learn mandarin. Its not that I am being harsh, just trying to make my blog productive for genuine readers, not a conduit to further your own personal gains. Really glad you pointed this out Brandon.


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