Will Windows 7 Get a Final Moniker? Ed Bott ask

Windows 7 is having persons asking questions about its real name or identity. Ed Bott brings up the topic of whether Microsoft will keep 7 as the final name, which I personally don’t have a problem with, but as Ed notes, this will bring about compatibility issues for applications, unless developers utilize the Windows 7 testing cycle resolve any issues if it is incremented to NT 7.0 by PDC 2008.


“I’m reading more and more about Windows 7 lately as PDC approaches and Microsoft begins revealing more snippets of information about its most secretive product ever. In most of that coverage, I’ve noticed an assumption that Windows 7 is going to be the final name of the product. I’ve been guilty of leaping to that conclusion myself.”

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As Ed so accurately noted, Steve has a knack for whole numbers as we know from his Microsoft Office reign. Office 12 (2007), Office 11 (2003), Office 10 (XP or version 2002), Office 9 (2000) and these were the actual code names. Now the logical view then would be that Windows 7 would most likely be Windows 2010. It also suggest the beginning of a new decade as Windows 2000 was seen to many when it was released at the beginning of this decade. Then again, 2010 sounds so stone cold and business like, just like Windows 2000 was meant to be.

I personally have also looked in to the idea of a new moniker like XP or Vista. I still find it strange that they are calling it Windows 7 but the version of the kernel is NT 6.1, unless they are doing this from a release perspective. Vista R2 is still a likely possibility, but something new and a differentiator would also be nice, such as ‘Windows Glide’ which I think would really define the experience for users upgrading from Vista to 7. I am betting on either 2010 or new moniker though.


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