Windows 7’s Official Name revealed – Windows 7!

Yes people, it has been confirmed today on the Windows Vista Team Blog by Mike Nash. Windows 7’s final name is the codename that has been in use since since it was revealed:


“The decision to use the name Windows 7 is about simplicity. Over the years, we have taken different approaches to naming Windows.  We’ve used version numbers like Windows 3.11, or dates like Windows 98, or "aspirational" monikers like Windows XP or Windows Vista.  And since we do not ship new versions of Windows every year, using a date did not make sense.  Likewise, coming up with an all-new "aspirational" name does not do justice to what we are trying to achieve, which is to stay firmly rooted in our aspirations for Windows Vista, while evolving and refining the substantial investments in platform technology in Windows Vista into the next generation of Windows.”

Read the entire post here

This was quite unexpected but not astonishing. Windows debuted on the market with numerals identifying the different versions, 1, 2, 3, 3.1. Microsoft moved to a dating approach with the release of Windows 95. Windows XP introduced the first ‘aspirational’ moniker.

Just last week, Ed Bott of ZDNET Blogs brought up the topic of Window 7’s final name:

Will Windows 7 Get a Final Moniker? Ed Bott ask

Windows 7 is having persons asking questions about its real name or identity. Ed Bott brings up the topic of whether Microsoft will keep 7 as the final name, which I personally don’t have a problem with, but as Ed notes, this will bring about compatibility issues for applications, unless developers utilize the Windows 7 testing cycle resolve any issues if it is incremented to NT 7.0 by PDC 2008.


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