Windows 7 Logo Requirements now available –

Sharp eye reader Long Zheng just posted about the availability of the Windows 7 Logo requirements. Microsoft is on a aggressive move to get third party ISV’s ready for this major update of Windows. No doubt this also applies to IHVs and there conference is just little bit after next weeks PDC.

The major highlights Long took the time to point out include:

  1. Install and uninstall cleanly
  2. Install to the correct folders by default
  3. Support x64 versions of Windows
  4. Follow User Account Control (UAC) Guidelines
  5. Do not load Services and Drivers in Safe Mode
  6. Digitally Sign Files
  7. Do not prevent an installation or application from launching because of OS version checking
  8. Prevent unnecessary reboots
  9. Support multiuser sessions
  10. Minimize application failures

I must say that 64-bit support is probably the most welcoming. Microsoft has been trying to get developers on this bandwagon for a long time and it looks like Windows 7 will be the golden brick road to Windows 64-bit compatibility and ubiquity. Some deep efforts have been made so far with Vista x64 and I have been an exclusive user of the platform since the OS RTMed in November 2006 and I have been using it since Build 5308 released in February of 2006.

Check out Long Zheng’s blog for more information here

Download the Windows 7 Logo Requirement Document here (Microsoft Word Docx format)


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