Introducing Windows 7 – ActiveWin

Here is a look at the new Windows Desktop that focuses on integrating new experiences such as Touch, while improving the traditional point and click philosophy.

The new Windows Desktop

The improved Start menu with Jump List for better interaction your applications.

Check them out HERE

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21 responses to “Introducing Windows 7 – ActiveWin

  1. Michael

    Looks good so far. The Shut down button on Vista looks much better though. I also wish the Recycle Bin was built into the Taskbar, maybe into the Notification Area (which is really more of a status bar nowadays). So you could easily drag-n-drop items into the bin like you can in OS X.

  2. Andre

    Hi Quickboy,
    I am sure you can add a shortcut of the Recycle Bin to the Taskbar in Windows 7. The Shutdown button is setup differently, you can assign a default option.

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