ActiveWin: Frequently Asked Questions /Quick Guide for Windows 7 version 1.0

I had the pleasure of helping to prepare’s first Windows 7 FAQ which provides a lot of insightful information about Microsoft’s next desktop client version of Windows in addition to future information about the BETA Program. Here’s a snippet:

Q: What is Windows 7?

A: Windows 7 is the official name for the release of Windows that followed Windows Vista and latest version of Microsoft’s Windows client operating system. Windows 7 currently in development, which started immediately after Windows Vista’s release. Windows 7 features a drastically improved desktop experience that focuses on new core experiences such as Windows Touch introduces support for multi-touch technology inherited from the Microsoft Surface. Improved Accessibility and Global Support, handwriting and Ink. An enhanced Taskbar, rich application experiences with superior improvements to managing files and personal data.

Check out the entire FAQ HERE

My Quick Start Guide for getting up and running with Windows Vista can be found HERE

Resources: Windows 7 Pre-Beta M3 Build 6801 (PDC2008) Preview


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