The perfect compliment to Windows 7 – HP TouchSmart tx2 Notebook PC

When Windows 7 is released, having it will be one thing, getting to use all its features ‘seamlessly’ will be another. Hewlett Packard the number one PC manufacturer has been innovating aggressively for the past few years and stepping out of their comfort zone being one of the first Company’s to support Tablet PC computing back in 2002. HP has remained committed to the form factor and have managed to introduce concepts and products to market even before it reaches a mass scale through products like Microsoft Windows. The Company recently introduced their TouchSmart All-In-One Desktop which supports of course Touch which is a big feature being touted by Microsoft in its next release of Windows, 7. HP has gone further by introducing their first ‘multi-touch’ notebooks, here are some of the features:

The HP TouchSmart tx2 Notebook PC

  • 12.1 inch screen – swivels 180 degrees
  • Advanced Micro Devices Home Turion Platform
  • 4.5 Pounts
  • Media Center Remote
  • Built in Webcam (of course)
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Multi-Touch capability
  • Supports multiple roles as a PC, Display or Tablet
  • Built-in wireless connectivity
  • Rechargeable Digital ink pen
  • Imprint Finish – looks like clouds to me or soap suds

Standard: Windows Vista Home Premium – not sure if its 32 or 64 bit.

Optional features:

  • Optional Stand which can used as power source and Internet connection

Starting price 1,149

Learn more HERE

Quite an impressive set of features and probably the best way to get a smooth upgrade path to some of the new features coming in Windows 7. Microsoft used HP’s Touchsmart displays during demos at the PDC 2008. Its one of the draw backs of Vista when it was released, there wasn’t a lot of form factors out there taking advantage of lot of its unique features like Tablet PC and Sideshow (which the TouchSmart lacks but could easily be supplemented by a Windows Mobile device). With HP pioneering and Microsoft software exploiting this form factor and creating synergies it looks like a lot of users will have systems in 2010 that are more than ready to use all of the OS’s features.

More about Multi-Touch in Windows 7:

Microsoft is always looking to new ways to advance and make the PC experience more natural through new input methods. Windows XP Tablet PC edition was a good example of this by allowing us to use inking capabilities with new form factor devices called Tablet PC’s. Microsoft tirelessly works to promote the platform and has gone beyond that in recent years, the latest endeavor being the Microsoft Surface Table. Although the Surface remains an expensive proposition (think US $13,000), the Windows Team realizes that to make the experience more ubiquitous, Windows would be a best place for this feature to gain wider availability not only just for persons in offices, but also the consumer. In Windows 7 controlling the computer by touching the screen is a core user experience, with visual feedback provided for tap and double-tap gestures.

The Start menu, Windows Taskbar and Windows Explorer are touch friendly, with larger icons that are easier to select with your finger, Browsing the web with Internet Explorer 8 is easier too – just use your finger to scroll down a web page or browse your favorite links. You can even use your finger to arrange the pictures in a photo album. Windows 7 also includes multi-touch technology, which lets you control what happens on the screen with more than one finger. You can zoom in on an image by moving two fingers close together, like you’re pinching something, or zoom out by moving two fingers apart. You can rotate n image on the screen by rotating one finger around another and can right click by holding one finger on your target and tapping the screen with a second finger. Touch Gestures provide direct visual feedback and interact with underlying content in a natural and intuitive way.

Learn more about Windows 7 in ActiveWin’s review here


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