Man I would love to win one of these 50 Magical HP Giveaways

Hey everyone, want to make your Christmas special? Enter the HP Magic Giveaway Contest on and get the chance to win 4 computers and accessories you can share with family and friends or give to a charity you have in mind. 🙂

Some persons Christmas will be very special this year!

Here is a list of the prizes: has a link to a Google Calendar with the starting dates for each contest.

A few websites have already started their contest:

Contest Updates:

Its quite overwhelming when you think about what HP, Microsoft and so many sites are giving away. HP has exemplified something here, the gift of giving, so why not do the same? If I were to win all this hardware, I definitely could not keep it all. My brother would absolutely love an upgrade from his XP machine to the HP HDX 18 and my other brother would be excited about the HP Mini 1000. Why I would love to win this contest is specifically for the HP Touch Smart and media smart. The all in one printer and laptop I most likely would give away as a Christmas gift to a lucky member at the up coming Church harvest. A lot of folks are in rough economic times (world-wide)right now, giving somebody a laptop might not necessarily make ones life completely better, but its a nice gesture that will make their holidays a very special and memorable one in addition to starting off the New Year with a bang. This collection of devices is screaming, show the good in you, so why not make the ‘smart’ choice of sharing the magic too.

Learn more about the contest and all 50 participating websites:


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28 responses to “Man I would love to win one of these 50 Magical HP Giveaways

  1. jyl

    Good luck with the contests and enjoy a happy holiday season!

  2. z.

    Yup, I would like to win one of these awesome HP giveaway contests too! Best of luck to you.

  3. LaurieMobileMommy

    Good luck to you in winning! I\’m sure your brothers would appreciate your sharing the HP Magic with them! Take care.

  4. Ian's Mum

    Good luck!

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