Just a Note: A small change I noticed in Microsoft Word 14

Been searching around the web for information about Microsoft’s next version of Office, currently code named ‘Office 14’. Didn’t find much apart from what was demoed at PDC 2008 back in October. Some people are wondering, what’s new to the suite except for the addition of a webified version and OneNote 14 getting the Office Fluent (Ribbon) UI?

I stumbled across a Flickr photo stream with some shots taken by member gholzer, in one of the screenshots of Word 14 and even the new OneNote with Office Fluent UI, the Office Team has made some small changes to certain parts of the UI. I noticed that the Office Button or File Menu has been made more subtle with an integrated perspective instead of the tack on appearance in version 2007. Lets take a look:

Microsoft Office 14 Fluent application with a more subtle File menu – (image gholzer)


The Office button or File menu in Word 2007

There seems to be some streamlining between applications in Windows 7 and the Office 14 suite. Programs such as Word Pad and Paint that take advantage of the new UI also feature that subtle appearance of the File menu.

Word Pad and Paint in Windows 7

How major a release will Office 14 be? This is anybody’s guess, Office 2007 is major as it is already and a lot of people love it based on their experiences. But, is there anymore that Microsoft can do to a suite that has seen such a drastic update?


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11 responses to “Just a Note: A small change I noticed in Microsoft Word 14

  1. Chris

    yuck. I prefer the orb. I hope they wont drop it.

  2. Andre

    Some would agree and some would disagree. I personally like this new direction. Its more subtle and seems seamless. Its not a great shot, maybe by the time it hits beta and the public gets a closer look you will change your conclusion. 🙂 Thanks for visiting. 🙂

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