Windows Live Essentials Refresh BETA – Installed Successfully

I had a bit of issues earlier today installing Windows Live Essentials Refresh BETA. But I managed to get around it with the help of a few friends and some trial and error. Some things to take into account, I am running the suite on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit build 6801. It seems the suite has some kinks to work out where 64 bit is concerned since it failed miserably trying to install on Windows 7 64 bit. Some users are noting issues on Windows Vista 64 bit so this is specific to the OS being beta software. The suite is noted in the system requirements as supporting Windows XP SP2 (no 64-bit support for XP Professional x64 Edition), but Vista is supported in general, no specifics on platform mentioned.

Windows Live Essentials BETA Refresh installed on Windows 7 32-bit build 6801

I wanted to show some of the nice visuals I have seen since installing the update. Windows Live Messenger 9 which has been Released To Web (RTW means its final), has a cleaner updated sign in screen. The IM client includes additional themes, some I don’t find so interesting. By default, you asked to join the IM initiative, I will be doing this now. 🙂

Windows ‘i’m’ initiative which donates a proceeds to worthy charities to help persons less fortunate.

New sign in screen and themes in Windows Live Messenger 9 (RTW)

Other noticeable changes in the main interface, include the addition of the more visible ‘Open your e-mail inbox’ icon and slick notification toast. The Windows Live Essentials suite also features some beautiful branded icons, the scaling on Live Call and Movie Maker have not been updated, but Mail, Messenger, Photo Gallery and Writer have been updated.

Friendly Windows Live Essentials branded icons.

I will be taking a closer look at the suite over the next few days, stay tuned. 🙂


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