Windows 7 Ecosystem Readiness

Brandon Leblanc of the Windows 7 Team Blog gives us a quick overview of the Ecosystem Readiness Program for Microsoft partners.

The Windows 7 Ecosystem Readiness Program is designed to help hardware and software partners ensure that their existing applications, devices and systems will be compatible with Windows 7. The program provides partners with access to Windows 7 builds, application testing labs and toolkits through Microsoft Connect to help with their development efforts to build innovative solutions for their customers.

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I think this is an excellent start to building a smooth transition to Windows 7. Windows Vista’s early reception is something I discussed in the ActiveWin: Windows 7 Pre-BETA 6801 Preview.

A lot of things with Windows Vista were not coordinated well, from communication, its system requirements, Industry Partnership and what value does it really offer to a Windows XP user which has dominated the market for nearly 7 years. The Company’s (OEMs) who were supposed to represent Windows Vista on their systems did so poorly initially. A lot of debate has started over this, which includes Microsoft’s alleged deal with Intel to support a particular integrated graphics chipset, the Windows Vista Capable branding and the perception that Vista was never ready out the gate. I would describe myself as being at the centre of most of these issues.

For one, OEMs did a bad job of communicating Vista by sending systems out of their factories without properly testing real world scenario’s of what the average consumer will be doing with such a system leaving them with just the bare minimum. Second, Microsoft never gave clear understanding of what it really takes to run the OS acceptably. The coordination was pretty much a disaster in the early months of its release.

So, its great to see better communication this early in the Windows 7 development. The Windows 7 Ecosystem Readiness Program is designed for hardware and software partners only.


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