More info on Windows 7 SKU’s

Mary Jo Foley over All About Microsoft provides even more details about the Windows 7 SKU’s Microsoft has planned for release.

The rumors were wrong; the reality is there is no netbook SKU for Windows 7. Because Windows 7 has been tweaked to have a smaller memory footprint, etc., the full version of 7 can run on many, if not all, netbooks. Microsoft is offering netbook makers a choice: Put Windows 7 Starter Edition or Home Prmium on netbooks.

(With Windows 7, Microsoft is now allowing PC makers in all countries, not just emerging markets, to preload Starter Edition on new PCs, by the way.)

That’s probably the interesting part of the SKU news, Starter will be available everywhere. Will it be popular? I don’t think so. I have 12 windows open in Vista right now, the fact that Starter edition is limited by 3 windows only and a max resolution of 1024 by 768, it definitely sounds like something that should have stayed where it was. Home Basic will continue a similar path as Vista Home Basic but lacking aesthetic functionality such as Aero Glass and Thumbnail Previews.

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11 responses to “More info on Windows 7 SKU’s

  1. Chris

    Boy do I wish they could go the 98 approach and just have one simple verson with a custom install option…

  2. Andre

    Well, the user base is more diverse now according to Microsoft. Different users, different needs along with economics and affordability. The good thing is, there will only be two retail SKU\’s, Home Premium and Professional.

  3. Chris

    So ultimate wont be on store shelves but rather just on pre-installed PCS

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