A bit disturbed by the updated Header in Windows Live Spaces

The Windows Live Space Team has updated the header area of Windows Live Space web pages based on feedback from users of the service.

Updated Windows Live Space Header (Click to enlarge)

The change introduces the Windows Live service links, such as Home, Profile, People Mail, Photos, More at the extreme top. What happens now is, it clashes with the second layer of links that are a part of the users space, ‘User profile, blog name, Photos, Blog, List and More.

This area of the Windows Live Space needs some serious work, I think the users personal Windows Live Links should become a blog part allowing the author to place it anywhere they desire on the page. Customize, Options, Help, could be more subtle too and consolidated into the Users account part on the header similar to Windows Live Hotmail.

I also don’t like Search Fields location and it has a lot  of limitations, you can’t search within the users Windows Live Space to make it easier to find blog post, although I could use the new Search Federation capabilities in Windows 7 to resolve that. I just think the Windows Live look and feel could be more cohesive.


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21 responses to “A bit disturbed by the updated Header in Windows Live Spaces

  1. Chris

    two things I\’d like to point out:one, I wish we can customize the top header, and no, I\’m not talking about the themes, I\’m talking about a user customizable bar, where WE (the user) can place what we want up there. Not just on spaces, but all over the live service. also, I miss the wave 2 header…… much cleaner then this washed out deal..

  2. Andre

    I agree Chris, have been asking for that a long time now.

  3. Chris

    May be in wave 4? (is there even gonna be a wave 4?)

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